Are you ready to clear your clutter and find peace of mind?

Are you...

Overwhelmed by "stuff"?

Surrounded by piles?

Frustrated by not being able to find things?

Exhausted just thinking about clearing clutter?

Surrounded by things you don’t know what to do with?

Unable to fully relax with so much clearing to do?

Numbing out with binge watching to escape the mess?

Embarrassed and frustrated by clutter?

Ready to get organized, but unsure where to begin?

If so, you've come to the right place and there is nothing wrong with you!

We live in a "stuff" society...

We're taught from a young age to buy things when:

life is going well

things are difficult

we gain or lose weight

we visit someone

we go to a birthday

we want to say I love you

we ache to feel better about our lives.

People give us things,

Things come in the mail,

Things seem to breed in the closets when we're not looking.

Things come into our lives like a tidal wave, and many of us feel like we're drowning.

We learn to bring things into our lives, but we rarely learn how to manage them.

We're told to clean our rooms, but we're never taught how.

We're taught how to bring things in, but not how to let them go.

We learn to feel shame and guilt about clutter, but we don't learn how to find peace and happiness.


Together, we can do this!

Join me for Five Weeks to Freedom

I'll guide you to results that will blow your mind and change your life!

There is ZERO risk, and SO MUCH to gain...

if you do the work and don't get results you love, I'll give your money back.

Whether your goal is to clear and organize a closet or a whole home...


What you'll get:

> My personal guidance to keep you focused (5 private coaching calls + text support between calls)

> Personal support with specific projects in real time as you work on them

> Lifelong skills to tackle ANY clutter challenge

> An organized space you love to be in and share!

It's time to invest in your Self and your Future.

For me to come to your home to do what this program teaches you to do would cost at least $4000.

How much will it cost you in stress, wasted time, relationships and lost items to NOT do this?

Learn how to create order out of chaos


Learn how to create calm in every room


Train your brain to support your goals



Reach out to me!

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Hi, I’m Spring Courtright.

Sooo many people come to me after years of frustration.

They've tried organizing programs that don't last.

They've read books that don't stick.

They've beat themselves up inside for years.

They know they need help but are embarrassed to ask.

They know deep inside there's a better way, but it's somehow always out of reach...

I was there, too!

I felt overwhelmed by my clutter and had no idea where begin.

I spun in anxiety and overwhelm.

I couldn't fully relax in my own home.

I was embarrassed to have people over - heaven help me if someone just popped by!

But one day I decided to do whatever it took to find the life I REALLY wanted.

I read countless organizing books.

I dug into my closets and cupboards.

I got coaching and support.

I flew alone to New York and trained with Marie Kondo.

I kept going, kept trying things, kept clearing, letting go and learning...

Now my home, body and mind are peaceful places I love.

And I'm passionate about helping others do the same!

I've been a professional organizer since 2014 and I've put everything I've learned into this program.

If you're ready to declutter, clear the chaos and find peace of mind, I'm here to help you!