Are you ready for a new way of life?

If any of these describe how you you feel, you've found your tribe!

  • Overwhelmed, frustrated or weighed down by 'stuff'
  • Embarrassed about clutter
  • Stressed by clutter in closets, cupboards, bedrooms, and other spaces (maybe the whole house, and the garage, too!)
  • Like clutter is draining your life battery
  • SO READY to declutter, but think support, accountability and how-to's would help
Together we can do this!

Yes we can! Even if you've tried before.


It's SO frustrating not being able to find things!


It's so much easier to live a healthier, happier life when we're not stressed.

Membership Includes:

Feeling Better!

Monthly Declutter Day

3rd Saturdays - call at 10 am PST

recorded if you can't be there

Monthly group support calls

1st Mondays 7-9pm PST -

wild hair, pets & messes welcome!

recorded if you can't be there

+ Step-by-step instructions & guidance

+ Decluttering & organizing lessons

+ Downloadable, printable guides & checklists

+ Weekly e-mails with tips & inspiration


Not ready for membership, but want help?

Join a Declutter Day!

Join for one day for

personal support with a decluttering/organizing project.

This is so...



& FUN!

~ It's time to find peace in your space! ~

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It's time to take control of your life!

Level up your life, clear clutter and find freedom in being organized.

Get step-by-step guidance to a life with less piles, more joy, less stress, and more aaahh.

Decluttering is SO MUCH EASIER with support!

About the Instructor

I'm Spring Courtright and I'm SO HAPPY you're here!

I spent years struggling with anxiety, clutter and feeling overwhelmed. I knew there was a better life waiting under all my "stuff" but I couldn't figure out how to get there.

For years I studied organizers, mindset coaches, meditation practices and health options. Finally, I found profound peace and joy in my home, head, heart and life...

Now I'm called from deep in my soul to help others find this profound peace and joy.

I don't stress about how people find me - the people who are meant to work with me find me and we're transformed in beautiful, often awe inspiring ways.

I'm not just an organizer, I'm a guide. I lead from guilt and shame to more happiness and less clutter.

I've also been a kayak guide for 25 years - I love guiding!

My mission is to help the world be a happier, healthier, more peaceful place, one person at a time.

I hope you'll join me!

I invite you to join me now if you feel called to do so.

People who work with me, are committed to creating to decluttering, and stick with me are forever changed...

~ It's time to find peace in your space! ~

Choose your option, then click on Join Now.